Saturday, 21 January 2012

Brazil - Rio

Rio has a really nice landscape and for sure the christ to see. When i went there i had bad luck with the weather. I couldn't see the christ while blue sky. Anyway the view was just awesome. At the Chris i met Rebecca and her Family. she were offer me help and we stayed the whole time together at the christ. For me something i remember well as this is something i would always hope it happens to me. Thanks Rebecca for the time you spend with me. In Rio i stayed the whole time at a couch surfing place from Leo. Thanks man that i could stay that long. I remember Acai :-) At the beginning of my Brazil tour i was eating a brown/red sauce which wasn't taste after anything. Leo explained my that this comes from a fruit and with a lot of sugar its really delicious. If you go to Rio you should go out to lapa which is the party mile like Dusseldorf in Germany :-) . In rio i went for an Russian music concert with some couch surfers. Hehe i like this kind of music and it was really nice to see a samba dancing folk while dancing to this kind of music. In Lapa you should also go out to dance to reggaeton which is crazy especially when you will see how the girls are dancing to it. I just say all is moving :-) . As the landscape is so nice you should spend some days to hike sugar love and ... from there you'll be able to see all nice spots. Brazil is proud about there football so i went up to see the famous stadium in town ..... Its about to be renovated for the world cub 2014. For sure afterwards i had so see a football match to make me an own picture about the differences to the German football. Together with Leo i went to the stadium reachable via train that's most of the time really packed :-). We saw the match between fasco vs banfield. Hmm even that are big and good teams i found the match not special there i prefer matches of my club FC Bayern Muenchen. Copacabana is not that much beautiful i was just felling its famous but to packed for sure with a lot of lady not wearing much dress :-) . From Rio i took the bus to Porto Alegre 28h where i changed to the air plane to fly via Uruguay to buenos aires. In Uruguay we had nomally to change the airplane but they decided to continue the flight to ba. The offer me to keep seated till all passenger from Montevideo to buenos aires entered. That was funny as i could see all those things they are doing before take off e.g. cleaning of the seats :-) or hoover the floor.

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