Thursday, 23 February 2012


In Potosi onetime the richest town in the world that what at least the people over there are telling you i visit one of the mines. In such mines they found a lot of silver in the past that's why they became rich. Nowadays still sometime people found a lot. All the miners are independent so what they find they win. I went with bigDeal(80 Bolivianos) tours which offer a really good tour. The guys who doing it are all ex miners and they are really not professional but this makes it nice as you feel you go there with some friends who wants to share with you there experiences. You will drink a lot down under but this is a part how they life and you don¨t need to drink something if you not feel like that. But i would recommend it at least some few sip as they offering you some local liquor. In Potosi i spend just some few days to see the Mines. I stayed in Kola Hostel(40 Bolivianos which nice breakfast incl. fruits) which also offering a miner tour  as almost each in this small nice town but they offering it for 100 Bolivianos. After my cam had been stolen the days before i had good luck to met nice people from Sweden and Israel which took pic for me. 


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