Thursday, 5 April 2012


Ohh shit just arrived in Melaka while taking a sit on my bed in the hostel i got bitten by bed bugs. The whole day while walking around i got more an more bit's. Arrr it looks so terrible. Fortunately i am travelling alone so nobody has to shame about me but i do about myself. Arr and tomorrow it goes on the ferry to Sumatra. Hmm as i already payed the room and got the bed bugs i will stay the night here. I hope i will survive :-) . Hmm now i understand why beside each bed is standing a insect spray and nobody else is staying here. Ok ok i have chosen the cheapest hostel in Melaka. The night cost you 2.50€ or 10rm but i can't recommend Little Nyonya Youth Hostel due to above mention reason. But i do have a private room for this amont as nobody wants to stay here :-) . I found some Vick Vaporub which i put on my skin in my helplessness. I will tell you later after the night if it helped and would be an insider tip :-)

Melaka is a nice cozy town you can easily discover in one day if you don't want to book you some tours which i usually not do. Melaka is together with George town in Malaysia a world heritage city being inscribed by UNESCO. When you arrive here by bus as i did you can take the panorama bus to come to the most famous place the Christ church. Around there you can find hostels. From there don't miss the jonker walk which is actually china town district. On this walk try some chicken rice balls which are typical for Melaka. Close to the Jonker street you can pay for a boat tour what i haven't done as it was to touristic for me:-) . If you walk a little more further from the boats tour place you can see a big wooden ship which should remember about the history of Melaka. Melaka was once almost only water and the people where working as fisher.  Continue your way and turn into Jln Melaka street there you will see a big  view tower i wouldn't pay for it as some few meters on the same site you can climb up a hill at pora de Santiago which gave you almost the same view. From Melaka you can take you a ferry/jetti to Dumai on Sumatra island. It cost 30€ or 119rm. Thats what i will do.

Just some beside story. I did contact the German embassy in Jakarta as i wanted to know if they could help me with my stolen international driver license. They replied immediately even when the answer was no.


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