Tuesday, 22 May 2012

India - Agra/Jaipur

From Delhi i took a bus to come to Agra the town where you can see Taj Mahal. The bus wasn't really comfortable but i can't complain as i've decided to go by a cheap option which was the goverment bus. You'll not have a lot of space and the seats are more metal instead of polster but whatever for an 6hours ride it's not a big problem. As usual for me i was falling in a sleep so i haven't really recognized the pain in my knees or ass :-) . The ride cost 150 bucks. While a stop you can stretch yourself and buy something to drink or eat. I had really good sweet yogurt with butter called Lassi. Since i am in India i drink 6-8 liter during the day which you definitely need due to all this dust and the heat. I even needs to go just once the day to the toilet which is quite good as the smell isn't nice over there :-) . Outside toilets for men's can be found everywhere. Anyway men pi everywhere they feel like it. So far i bought almost each time 2,25 liter bottles of cola which cost around 59 or 65 rupee. Now I start to drink water as it is much cheaper. 2 Liter water cost you max 30 rupee. First I chosen cola because i wanted to be careful with the water quality. I also didn't ate street food for at least one day but i could continue longer to eat in restaurants. I love street food. In Agra you should get off the Agra fort to catch a Auto(jepp that's the word for motorised rickshaw) to come to one of the entrance gates of taj mahal. From the fort it shouldn't cost more than 25. I haven't done such a trip as i didn't recognize the bus stop. I went off at Idgah bus station from where it cost 50 rupee to come back. They will tell you 100. Like always the major rule for barging is to mention the half about what they wants. Be friendly and just smile and shake your head a bit that what helped me always. Even i still think i am paying to much and have to burg more hard. Taj Mahal can be visit for sunset or sunrise. During the day its to crowdy. I went in a bit late around 8am. I was so tired in morning after i followed the champions league final to support my team FC Bayern Munich. Hmm they lost the final in Munic. I was really sad about it and could smile really well for the next day but when i saw Taj Mahal i forgot everything. The entrance cost 750 rupee and i can definitely recommend you to take the audio guide which also exist in German. Yes i have choose German :-) as i listen so seldom my own language that i was enjoying it once again. The voice is just incredible it will let you feel the place.The place is somehow magic. The same day i continued travelling to Jaipur(pink city) which took again 6 hours. Before i left Agra i had a crazy flirt with an indian girl. She was flirting quite intensive. She was nice at least for my opinion but when she shown her tooth i got shocked. Brownish bad looking once. No way to think about a kiss :-) . The bus was luxury in comparison to the one i had from delhi. Still no fan or ac but who needs that when you already sweating all the time everywhere else. I got told that jaipur is an handel's place that's why you can find a lot bazars. Just enter the old city center via Ml Road direction Ajmer gate. At the gate go straight till the next big junction from where you turn right. At a circle ask for the way to the Jantar Mantar and city palace which are some nice places to visit but not cheap. I only payed for the palace which is 300 rupee :-( . Might be you can skip it as it isn't really special. But you shouldn't miss Hawa Mahal which is a nice palace for pictures. I only have taken pic from outside. As i saved some money i allowed me to buy some local halppants (trousers). Arr they are so much nicer than a jeans short as they are really thin. Hmm i will also try to skip once the boxer short under such trousers but i guess it will be not a good idea as they are bit transparent :-) Jaipur has reasonable cheap hotels/guesthouses. I spend my time in the evergreen guest house which is close to ml road and cost 300 rupee. Hmm so far i am disappointed about food prices. The cheapest dish i found was 60 rupee. I don't know why its pink town as i couldn't see so much pink anyway it's worth to stop here.

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