Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Malaysia/Indonesia - Friends

Malaysia and Indonesia has shown me again how important friendship relationships are. I had an awesome time over there and i enjoyed time with nice people. In Malaysia i met Mavis. That day i still remember as one of the best day while travelling :-) . It was a Sunday while i went to the botanical garden to listen a musical festival. Arrived i was quite frustrated as the entrance was to expensive for a world traveler budget. Gigs from Russian,Ireland,Indonesia,Colombia,Africa had to be payed. After i got told about the price i went out the area just frustrated. The guy from the ticket sale followed me and gave me the ticket for free. Inside the festival i met some girls which gave me free pizza. After the festival while walking home as no public bus was still going ( long way back ) Mavis saw me and offered me a lift back to my place. At the end we ends up in a club :-)
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At mount bromo in east java i met Sarah from Chile. I talked to her as she were remembering me 1000% to someone i met in Peru which became a really important person for me. Crazy she was looking like a twin of the France girl :-). We enjoyed hiking arround mount bromo.
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In east Java i had an amazing stay at the place of Erfan. He talked to me in a bus and was offering me to stay the night at the place of his family which was really helpful as i didn't had any idea where to stay in a smaller town on my way to Ijen crater. Just crazy i stayed there and was sleeping in their bed while they where sleeping in the leaving room :-( . We were eating dinner and breakfast together and they didn't wanted to see any money. Could you believe that in a time where people just define their self with money ???

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