Sunday, 10 June 2012

India - GOA

From Mumbai to Goa i had my first Indian train. I booked 2nd class sleeper which is really OK. If you have big backpacks you shouldn't book a 2nd class seat as those trains are full till the roof. In bigger towns like Mumbai,Delhi you can go to a separate counter at the train station to collect your ticket. If you have to buy your ticket somewhere else where they don't have such a counter i wouldn't recommend to buy at the train station as you can wait days. In such a case make your booking online. See instructions at You will need to scan your passport or to organize an Indian cell phone number. *** I would recommend to register before you are coming to India ***. Hmm off season so no yoga & meditation course or trance parties :-( . OK i didn't thought about that. Shame. I spend some days at the Palolem beach in the south and one day in the north at Anjuna beach just with the hope to find some parties which wasn't the case. The beach at Anjuna is not to recommend there are much nice one in the south. As a lot of the signs are in Cyrillic you can see the party folk comes mostly from east Europe.

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