Sunday, 10 June 2012

India - Mumbai

On the bus journey to Mumbai i met an Indian Girl. We talked all night long. Wow she had this nice brown eyes and wonderful tooth. Hmm shit she was to young for a flirt as she told me that she is going to the 11 class. Anyway this didn't stopped her to ask me when i had my first kiss, first sex or if i am still virgin and a lot of personal questions. I was surprised that she talked with me about those topics as her mom, grandma the whole family was in the bus. She told me they don't understand English so i don't need to be worry. Argentinian girls are sexy but Indian girls have something magical. Mumbai is better organized than Delhi. Cars,scooter are at least not everywhere. I had a different expectation from Mumbai. Its expensive and i couldn't see much Bollywood glamour and money dictate there almost everything :-( . A hotel start at 800 rupee and food is around 120 rupee except some veg street food you can already find for 30 bucks. After some days in India i realized why i don't like the food so much because if you wants to eat cheap you have to go for veg meals. What i have done all the time. Yeah onions are veg's i was known but i never ate them just pure or in one piece. In India you get used to it and somehow i have to say i like the taste a lot. Might be they also taste here a bit different to the onions in Europe. But i realize i am not a good veggie. I need my meat whatever kind of. Doesn't matter if its not pork and beef but at least chicken or fish. ARR if you still wants to be below 100 rupee the portions of meat will be really small :-( . I stayed 4 nights which is enough time to see the place and their nice old buildings. The tour to the elephants island is nice even when it is a long long long boat ride :-) .

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