Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Round the World

Still i don't feel ready for Nepal. Hmm i always plan to go but my heart isn't confirming my plans. I've now some other destination in my mind. Yes nice ones :-) :-) :-) What about you guys??? I wants to read more from you? Where you would like to go once? Please please tell me in form of comments :-) on my blog. Please don't send via facebook. Who knows might be we can plan a tour together... I promise to update my blog before leaving sri lanka :-) :-) :-) Still stories... crazy ones about Ukraine where i got touched by so many emotions & romantic moments. Still they makes me crying when i am reflecting them short before going to bed. I love all people i met here. The 2nd time in India was just awesome. I miss my sister Cinzia. She was the first person i travel together for a while!!! @Cinzia: I skipped the plans to go to Bhutan as my dreams didn't worked out for me :-( . I went to sri lanka :-)Are you already in italy?


  1. Manuel, ab nach Bali - du weißt schon warum ;-) LG aus der Ferne, Kristin & Leo

  2. Western Australia ... or Olpe !


  3. Thats easy it will be Olpe :-))). Ticket has been booked. See you there...

    1. I am going to Nepal on 29/10-11/11, hope to see around there

  4. I'll be in Montreal and travel around during the last two weeks of October. Canada is beeauutiful and should be part of your travels!

  5. Hej what a really nice suprise to read from you on my blog. I don't know about right now but it would be great to see each other again. I am just seating together right now with some chilenos. We are talking again about the awesome south i missed :-) . If you don't mind we could be travel buddies for a while when travelling nepal.

  6. Hej Sonja great to see how you come around. I follow your postings on face! Thank you very much you remembered me and for commenting at my blog. Hmm ok i see i have to come there