Friday, 14 September 2012

Taiwan - Taipei

6 hours for 170km :-( by bus from sri lanka beach area to the airport. 1 flight to good old Singapore = 50€ and another flight to Taiwan = 150€. Here we are in Taiwan - Taipei. Before i left sri lanka i wanted to spend my last rph for some food. The restaurant at the airport told me that i can't surve something as the shift would be over and new stuff will take over in an hour which was to late for me. Food was there stuff too but nobody wanted to be nice to the customer :-( . My destiny! I ends up in staff restaurant where all the flight assistants were eating. Wow everything was half of the price and the people around me was all so pretty. After 24h nothing eaten and drinking i came to Taipei where i met this cool US guy living in china for 20 years. The first what we did was to go to eat dog. Taste and texture is like chicken.
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Wow what a nice welcome to taipei. The US guy and me ends up in Taipeis best club. I feel death this morning after travelling,party and no sec of rest. Even more worse is David he is totally off and i try to find out what happen to him. I guess i have to take him to the pharmacy now :-) Parrrtyyy in Taipei :-) :-)


  1. hehe cool. you ate a dog. i had a horse for dinner at a restaurant on the lake promenade at zug/switzerland last weekend. it had a LEKKER taste, a lil bit like beef :-)

  2. Wow, sounds something i've to try...:-)