Monday, 17 September 2012

Taiwan- Taipei

I surfed my first couch in Taiwan. Pei-Yi was such a nice smiling person!!! Since the first moment i saw her i was relaxed which wasn't the case before. I thought what she will think about me the stranger with the big backpack and wired beard. Even we just stay a short time together it was quite intensive for me. She was such a brilliant listener with a unbelievable sweet smile. She tooks me to an night market and we were trying together snake blood,vein,gall,meat and something that i forgot. Pei-Yi do you still remember it :-) . She also did never tried all those stuff but as my mission is to try everything she had to do it with me together :-) Pic will follow :-)


  1. Hello Manuel,

    It was glad to meet you. Your easygoing made me more lay back. Your mission encouraged me to try these stuff together and turns out, "well, it wasn't that bad". The restaurant is located in the Taipei Hwahsi night market, and the set we had also includes snake genitalia shot, snake oil, ginseng drink, and chinese medicine shot.

    I believe everyone do things with their own reasons. So just Be Yourself!!

  2. You're most welcome once to stay at my place when ever where ever in the world :-)

  3. Nooo i found out that it wasn't dog :-(