Monday, 22 October 2012

Taiwan - East River Valley

After some lazy days i decided me to go on a bike tour. From Taitung to Hualien all the way at the east side of Taiwan. It wasn't easy to get the bike at least not for such a fu.. tall guy as me. The day when i wanted to leave i became really lazy again. I made me busy with the booking f my flight to Nepal. Ok that something i had to do before leaving as i didn't known how the inet facilities are on the route. I awake late as most of the time in Taiwan. Its such a place where its common to sleep when ever and where ever. Sometimes i was falling in a sleep on a bench in parks or just on the grass :-) No worries about as everyone is doing. Soo i became 15h when i wanted to start. My hostel mom told me no way to start now as it will be dark when i am arriving Luye. Ok ok i got it and decided to take a bus to luye and to org a bike from Guanshan for next day. Hmm so i wanted to cheat a bit. The night i stayed in Luye in a place at kilometer 34.9. Those place was amazing i got the tip from my hostel mom in Kaohsiung. Accommodation and food for free. He even wanted to cook me a rabbit. When he shown me the cute white one i said resolute no no please no even when i usually try/eat everything but please not such cute white darlings... At the place i met a couple from Taipei. They helped me with translation as the owner could speak english and my Chinese isn't exist :-( . I ask them what can i do with my big backpack. Still i had to find a solution for that as i couldn't take them with me on the bike. The explain and written for me how to send it to Taipei via train or 7-11. Yes amazing you can let 7-11 send your back. This store do everything for you. But even the train as option to transport send something isn't so convenient everywhere. I decided to let it done via train. The night was cold and short as i wanted to awake at 6 to fetch the first train to Guanshan where i wanted to org my giant bike. Arrived there they told me that they haven't such a big bike frame which fits for me :-( . I had to go back to Taitung. So no cheating anymore... Arrived there the giant store seller helped me to send my backpack to Taipei. They told me its for free. I couldn't believe and became nervous. Then i told my self again..why should i be nervous. People in Taiwan are all breathtaking friendly and helpful so i quickly put me out of that thought. I said goodbye to me child/backpack and promise to see them again once. I started my tour at 12h. Again late :-) . After i was the day before in Luye i decided me to go different way from now on as i didn't wanted to come back to the same place. My first destination was Dulan 26km away from taitung. I arrived there at 14.2 really to early to stop cycling. After some talks to guys from dog backpackers i continued to Donghe which was 15km away. Arrived in Donghe i had to go to the ATM. The ATM wasn't working and i got told i have to go back to Dulan for a foreigner working ATM. Usually 7-11 stores have an ATM but not the one in Donghe. Arrr 15km backwards :-) . Arrived in Dulan after almost 50km behind me i noticed this ATM wasn't working too. Shit i forgot to balance my credit card account after making the flight booking to Nepal :-) . Arrr this buggers from DKB bank always block any further bank transaction after a debit of 100€ or 4000TWD. I always have to remember to transfer more money to my credit card account to have such amount available at the ATM. I stayed the night in Ina's Inn for 400TWD which i could pay the next day after bank transaction :-) . The 2nd cycle day starts again late at 14h as i had to wait for the money. I had a 80km ride to Yuli via a mountain pass in front of me. The route was amazing beautiful all along the highway 11 i already driven the day before. After chongan and before the Chicago bridge i changed to the road 30. My speed wasn't bad that time. I managed 50km in 3.15h but from now on i had to climb up the mountains. When i arrived there it becomes dark and all the way i was cycling in the darkness which wasn't quite bad as i couldn't see how steep the road was. The only problem was that sometimes i was cycling blind after blended by the cars. At the top of such a road you'll have a 2km tunnel to drive which was funny. After such tunnel it goes 3km downhill. Wow it was such a good feeling even when i became cold as my shirt was still wet from my sweating :-(. Hmm i was 't used to such a bike tour anymore after my last long distance biking which was 15 years ago :-) . I arrived a couch surfer place at 21h. Here i met Nic from Malaysia. Together we went to some hot springs in the night. It was the best to finish such a long day. To come there we chosen his scooter :-) . He told me it would be his 1st time with someone in the back. Funny i also was ridding a scooter with someone in the back. So we decided to make our experiences. He was ridding the scooter the way to the hot springs and me back :-) Yes i now sounds strange that i never did but i just had my first scooter ride in Indonesia when i was there in April. Back to the couch surfer place we where eating some nice food from 7-11. PIC follow soon. Tour still ongoing :-)

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