Friday, 16 November 2012

Nepal - Mount Everest / Island Peak

Tomorrow 17.11.2012 is time to let come true a dream. Ok ok i will not climb the Mount Everest as this cost 10000 USD only for the permit :-( . I decided to go the island peak as this mountain is 6189m high. After that i try to go an shortcut to the Mount Everest base camp. Such a way is more difficult and dangerous but it gives the best view to the Mount Everest. So if i go lost or end up as an ice cube somewhere this picture of my climbing permit could be used for reporting my missing. Arrr can't believe that i am doing this trek from tomorrow on. Never done such a long trek for 3 weeks as well haven't any experiences with ice climbing. The tour starts with a flight to lukla which is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Here an example just some days ago :-) :-)

When i'm back i hope i can provide some brilliant mountain pictures / videos. See you guys. I am happy for the time afterwords. Today i met a german girl from CouchSurfing. She'll teach me ukulele when i am back from trek.

Round the World, Round the World

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  1. come back save... It will sure be a great experience, but pls not the last in your life :-)
    Never knew you're a mountaineer.
    Good luck for your trip.