Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Australia - Darwin

12 spaghetti can's, almost no sleep, some few  movies which I got from a Taiwanese backpacker, 100 times listening to songs of king of Leon's, the never ending smell of abo's , one shower as the security let me go for it, intense chat with an old feller from the states who traveled the world by a sailing ship, serious checkup by the federal police and >>5 days / 4 nights at the darwin airport << are gone. It goes out to the world leaving this island :))

Haha 4 federal copes came to check me out. They said I'm better show them my visa otherwise they will find a nice place for me to stay. If I wouldn't been able to show them my fly out ticket they would have arrested me. Welcome Australia and good bye from my side :). Funny just the night before my mate from the states and his wife from the Philippines invited me to stay overnight. I almost regret that i rejected their offer. Arrested because of what? 

Today I met a backpacker who just came from Taiwan. Nice coincidence :)

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