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I hope to build a thriving and engaged community around this blog, and actively encourage you to comment on the site.

Please be respectful  and civil to all. There will be might be varying points of view and comments from people of different cultures(i hope so). I ask that we approach each other’s opinions with an open mind and treat each other kindly.I will remove posts if they harass or abuse anyone.

Please be yourself. May i ask you to comment with your full name and not a fake name that i could recognize who is posting which would be really nice for my late memory. Please don’t make false statements or impersonate someone else.

Finally please note that this blog is linked to Face and you could always add your comments into face via the small button below the comment window at the right site. May i ask you to make use of this function to share info's between blog and face. All pic's from such blog will be uploaded into face gallery called posterous. After i finished travelling to an country e.g. Brazil the album posterous will be renamed according to the place from where are those pic's so means in that example Brazil. Pic comments shown details about the town names.