To add songs to the playlist please open
and authenticate with following credentials

User = wobistn
Pwd = wobistn

Please only add 1-3 Songs which are your favorite ones and you would like to share with the world if they aren't listed already. If possible please choose a song in your own language that we all can experiences  some more styles. I try to bring up a ratting that we can see which songs is liked as most. Those song will
be used once in my world travel movies as background song.

Please also comment below the playlist with your name and the song you add that i can recognize it for later on!!!

WorldMusic by Wobistn on Grooveshark


  1. Myself added Gangnam Style from Korea and a German song from "Die Toten Hosen"

  2. I add 倔強(MAYDAY) and Happiness(Tanya Chua)from Taiwan:)